Monday, April 12, 2010

Today I:

Checked status for setup of software, re: new job with Focus Infomatics.

  • Stood in for Aubrey's school nurse, who got called away on the brink of becoming a new grandmother.
  • Found out from Gabriel's preschool teacher that he never made it on the bus for their field trip today. He had walked into the adjoining classroom, just as the other children were lining up. Due to an error in counting heads, he was not accounted for. Just as the teacher and other children were en route, they realized they were missing Gabriel, count or no count. The school administrator, Mr. Smith, radioed Mrs. Grotjan at just about the same moment, stating that he found Gabriel "checking out" the classroom next to hers. Whew! He was allowed to visit a different classroom until his class returned from the trip. Then, believe it or not, he didn't want to leave! A heartfelt apology on the teacher's part, as well as reassurance on my part ended our conversation. Another one for the books, Gabriel; little devil. M*

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